In the present where everything takes place on the internet, a website is a must-have for a business of any size. Having a website has become an unwritten standard that everyone from a small crafts store to a Silicon Valley tech business must adhere to. Most often when potential customers find out about your business for the first time, they’ll search for you online. If they find out that you don’t have a website then they are much less likely to consider your business a credible one.

Furthermore, it’s not enough to merely have a website. It also needs to be a good one. There are a lot of terrible websites out there and you definitely don’t want yours to be in that category. So here are some tips to help you design the best website possible:

Stick to Your Brand Guidelines

For a lot of customers, your website will give them their first impression of your brand. Hence it is vital that your website adequately communicates what your brand stands for. That’s why a lot of businesses have either a style guide or a brand guide that details what imagery, colours, type and other design elements to use in order for the website to showcase the carefully constructed identity of your brand.

If your website is not consistent with your brand identity, then you’ll end up attracting the wrong type of customers.

Figure Out the Layout First

A good way to get stuck or to end up with a messy website is to jump straight into designing it without a proper plan. This is why you should plan out the layout of the website first, figuring out what goes where. There are a lot of factors that decide what the optimal layout should be for your own business. For starters, it can change depending on the type of business that is promoted. While an ecommerce store may make use of a lot of carousels to display their product offerings, a freelancer may opt for a portfolio type layout to showcase skills and previous work.

If you’re not sure what kind of layout is appropriate for your business, we recommend that you consult with an expert designer. Alternatively, you could hire a designer to create the entire website for you. Even if you’re on a budget, there are plenty of cheap Australian web design firms out there that do amazing work.

Make It Mobile-Friendly

A vast number of people access websites through their phones and so optimizing your website for mobiles are a must. This will make sure that you’re not inconveniencing your customers, forcing them to always use their laptops or desktops whenever they want to visit your website.

Reduce Clutter

You want the people who visit your website to do something, whether it’s to purchase a product or contact you. Clutter is a good way to get your website visitors distracted and confused enough that they’ll leave without doing what they’re supposed to do. For this reason, we recommend that you spend some time making sure that your website has plenty of space. Not only does this make navigating your website a less confusing experience, it also makes it look much better.

If your website ticks off all of the points listed about, then you can be assured that your website is going to be a success.