There are many new moms who have made the tough and sacrificial decision of leaving their flourishing jobs for the sake of their kids. The natural desire and need of every mother to be with her baby to ensure its safety and best upbringing is one of the most overwhelming factors for every mother in making this decision.  At times, certain cultural norms play a role in this too.
It feels wonderful to be home for the kids and her partner, or so she thinks. She loves her children and her husband.  She feels blessed to be by their side to witness every accomplishment and frustration.  And yet, day in and day out of cooking, cleaning, marketing, running errands, etc. she feels that while they blossomed, she shrunk! Mom, leave your job if you have to, but do not leave the workforce!  Use your skills to be the best small business owner in town.

4 Home Business Ideas for the Stay-at-Home Mom!

1.      Child-Care Center

Incorporate motherhood into making money by offering childcare for other moms who have made the hard decision to stick to their 9 – 5 jobs.  Not only do you get to care for your own children, but you care for other children as well.  Advertise your little endeavor among your family and friends primarily through social media.  The fact that your clients know you well is the biggest asset for your business, as they trust you enough to leave their infants and toddlers with you for long hours.

2.      Homemade Food Or Baked Goods Sale

If cookie recipes make you smile, and you are set on making homemade food for your kids’ parties, why not cash on your skill?  Starting cookie business, baking novelty birthday cakes for kids, home-based catering, or becoming a personal chef are your choices.  If you don’t fancy the idea of cooking for crowds, consider starting a food blog to share your recipes, operation rescue ideas etc.  Post pictures of the goodies you make on Facebook etc. as an advertisement for your business.

3.      Instructor / Tutor

Teach kids English and other subjects, as well as aesthetic skills such as music, art and craft at your home, or simply go on-line to teach English to foreign kids of far east Asia.  Talk about your classes, students’ performances and achievements in social media such as Facebook.

4.      Freelance Writing

Go to work after your baby is changed, fed, burped and rocked to sweet sleep!  If you are good with words, find on-line job opportunities to write articles, web content, academic assignments, resumes, translation work, editing, and proof-reading.

Advertising Your Small Business

Advertising boosts any business, and so will yours be boosted too!  Sure, you can talk about what you did on Saturday, post pictures of the goodies you made, congratulate little ones who achieved high to bring credit to your tutoring on social media such as Facebook. Facebook is free for brands to advertise on.  However, organic reach alone is not going to deliver the outputs you deserve.
There are Facebook advertising agencies all over Australia. You can find a facebook advertising agency brisbane that caters to home-business savvy moms. The Facebook advertising agencies introduce you to customized strategies to deliver your goods and services, target your biggest audiences through Facebook remarketing in an affordable manner and free up your time so that you can concentrate on the other aspects of the business and, of course, on your kids! Congratulations! And good luck to you in your newly found endeavor and sense of achievement!