You can find a variety of spy listening devices on the market today. However, there are common devices that are used for this such as phone bugs and concealed microphones. Because of the availability of these products, there is a risk that they can be used on you whether it is from a suspicious spouse or private investigator or a competitor for your business.

There are companies that can carry out a bug sweep for you to catch these listening devices and secure your premises. Phone bugs are quite popular and they are used often as listening devices. They consist of a small recorder that is kept inside a phone that will record the calls received by the phone, phone number dialled by the phone and both ends of conversation that will take place through it. The information recorded can be transmitted to a remote device whether it is a computer or a hard drive. In some cases, the recorder will need to be retrieved as it will record the information within it.

Microphones can be hidden in a variety of spaces and they can be hard to notice because of their small size. They can be hidden inside jewellery worn by a person so that close sounds can be easily picked up. These microphones used to be hidden in landlines but they can be used for mobile phones as well. They also serve other purposes such as tracking the location of the subject. It is not only conversations that can be tapped. Text messages sent by a phone can be tapped as well. There are many advanced bugs that can capture conversation as well as any other form of communication whether it is written or spoken unravelling the privacy of the subject completely.

Many of these devices are used by law enforcement to catch criminals. If you are spied on by a person, they can also have microphones on their clothing, jewellery or glasses to catch surrounding noises and sounds. You may have seen pens that can record voices as well. A lot of the information picked up by these devices will be transmitted to a central listening station where there will be people listening in action or the information is recorded permanently. Fixed microphones can be placed in stationary objects like clocks or items in an office. It is practically impossible to tell that there is a listening device within the ordinary-looking object. The items chosen will usually be in a location that the subject will approach quite often.

There are listening devices that can be hidden in furniture as well. There are wall microphones that allow people to listen to conversations through walls. There are high-tech listening devices that can penetrate steel as well. Sound magnification devices are used to hear sounds over a larger distance. Government officials and investigators use these listening devices to investigate criminal activity. There are also wives, husbands, and those in relationships who use these devices to ascertain whether their partner is being unfaithful.